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March 2012

Do it Yourself
in Style

November 2011

Bosch R11 Gasoline Injection Pump Rebuild


July 2011

StarTech 2011
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May 2011

Roadster Soft Tops











Featured Black Forest customer car:
1961 190SL Roadster

March 2011

Gasoline Fuel Injection











Featured Black Forest customer car:
1960 300SL Roadster

1952 220 Cabriolet B  W187January 2011
Classic Service












Featured Black Forest customer car:
1952 220 Cabriolet B

1966 230SL W113November 2010
What's on your wish list?












Featured Black Forest customer car:
1966 230SL

W111 1961 220SEbSeptember 2010
Purchasing a classic Mercedes-Benz is easy

Keeping it in top shape isn't










Featured Black Forest customer car:
1961 220SEb

Black Forest under the magnifying glassMay 2010
Take a closer look
inside Black Forest

Have you ever gone to perform a simple repair around the house only to find your flash light, screw driver, or whatever else was not put back in its place? A simple 15 minute fix turns into an hour in no time. This is what our May 2010 ad was all about.

No matter where you have your Mercedes serviced you should be taking a close look around the facility. A dirty unorganized facility will end up costing you more time and money. At Black Forest we pride ourselves on having a clean, brightly lit, and organized shop. The tool boards are clearly marked and all technical data is in one organized library. Our technicians know what they need and where to find it in a timely manner. Black Forest technicians are also expected to maintain the cleanliness of the equipment and workspace they use. A technician who cares about his tools and the equipment he uses will care about how those things are used to fix your car!

Look around the shop that services your Mercedes……is it brightly lit? Are special tools neatly organized on a tool board or maybe in a specific cabinet? Are the floors and equipment clean? All of these things contribute to the environment in which your car is being worked on. A dimly lit, poorly organized shop can turn a 15 minute repair into an hour in no time.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that the earliest evidence of a magnifying glass dates back to 424BC.

March 2010
your authorized BOSCH service center

We can provide the parts and rebuild kits that you need for your Mercedes-Benz restoration project.

Our extensive services include component prebuilds and exchange units, testing and calibration, expert restoration of Bosch systems, and in-house restoration services for your Mercedes-Benz.

Black Forest maintains a unique relationship with Bosch which gives us access to original parts specifications and technical information, parts no longer supplied by Mercedes-Benz, and rebilids and restorations of classic Bosch components.

Featured Black Forest customer car:
1971 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet

January 2010
Classic Workshop

Offering a full range of services exclusively for Mercedes-Benz.

November 2009
Engine Services
Contest Ad

1) What flows through the pipe at the top of the Injection pump? What is its function?

2) What is the purpose of the tool shown in the uppermost picture?

3) Where are Hazet tools made?

September 2009
BOSCH Injector Pump
Contest Ad

1) One fuel line fitting is visibly missing from the pump in the picture. Where does it belong? What is its purpose?

2) What is the name an function of the electrical device mounted at the rear cover?

July 2009
Classic Workshop

Attractive components...

Synchronized manual transmissions consist of several shafts with various gears and bearings. The gears inside of a manual transmission are always in mesh and rotating; some rotating freely and others locked into the shaft. All of this is moving by transferring torque from the engine with the use of a clutch. The transmission not only makes motion (in forward and reverse) possible, the manual transmission even makes it fun.

Our May 2009 Star ad “Manual transmission for Mercedes-Benz rebuilt in-house to the highest standards” shows a 4-speed manual transmission (most commonly used in the Ponton era cars, such as a 190SL).  The rebuilding of a manual transmission is delicate work. It requires extensive knowledge of the internal operation, the proper specialized tools, and most of all experience. At Black Forest we have turned the rebuilding of transmissions into a science. We have engineered and designed special tools in the Black Forest Tool Foundry to assure the repair is as efficient and exact as possible.  You can see the use of some of these tools by going to our Classic Workshop Gallery, the gallery also shows a step by step rebuild of a manual transmission

Another great place to learn more about the operation of a manual transmission is, they have even used Mercedes-Benz transmissions for the example diagram!

Interesting Fact: In some countries (such as Germany and France)  if a driver is taking a road licensing test using a vehicle that is equipped with an automatic transmission the license is then restricted to the use of vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions.

March 2009
You can't judge a seat by its cover...

The seats in your Mercedes-Benz are put under a lot of stress. Your seats and interior will undergo extreme temperature changes, direct sunlight, and vibrations when driving to name a few. Our March 2009 “You can’t judge a seat by its cover” ad hinted that the seat cover is not the only sign of its condition; a nice looking seat could end up being uncomfortable and noisy. When a seat is restored some repair shops remove the old cover, put on a new one and send you on your way. Sure the seat is attractive on the outside but when actual put to the test it is still the same old worn out seat.

At Black Forest our seat restorations are not only skin deep. After disassembly, everything is given a thorough inspection and then cleaned, repaired, and visually restored before the reassembly process begins. In almost every case the seats restored at Black Forest are fitted with new horsehair pads and then reassembled using only the highest quality natural cotton and closed cell foam. Our photo gallery of W107 seats show all of the hard work and meticulous detail put into making sure your seat is as enjoyable to sit in as it is to look at.

Interesting Fact: Mercedes-Benz has always designed their vehicles with safety in mind; in the 1970’s they advertised a new seat design as making fatigue-free travel possible. They made sure the seat was anatomically contoured, firmly anchored and shaped to give perfect hip support. They also took seat spring technology, vehicle suspension, and sitting position into careful consideration before coordinating this into the design of the overall vehicle.

January 2009
six decades — under one roof

Our January 2009 “Six decades of Mercedes-Benz under one roof” ad showcased the uniqueness of the Black Forest facility. We are one of the only Mercedes service facilities in the United States that has a unique dual facility servicing 6 decades of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  On any given day you can see a 1952 220 Cabriolet B in our Classic Workshop, and then by simply walking across the building see a 2008 S550 in our Service Department.  

Our building layout allows us to separate each era of Mercedes-Benz, the service department with the oil filter wrenches and diagnostic laptop computer; and the classic workshop with the lathe, sewing machine, calibrating test bench, and special hand tools. We also have separate component rooms where special tools and equipment related to the jobs being performed in that room are neatly organized to help increase efficiency and accuracy. In our clean room you can see the engine from a 1971 280SL next to a transmission from a 1994 E320 (of course in their own separated workspaces), and in the upholstery room an interior from a 1960 300SL next to a seat from a 2005 C230 having a seat heater repair performed. Located in the middle of our facility, our large administration offices hold an extensive Mercedes-Benz library of wiring diagrams, technical data books, workshop manuals, and specifications for every era of Mercedes-Benz that we repair, maintain, and restore. Our parts department is directly linked to the Mercedes-Benz EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog), and our parts ordering is done in real time-allowing immediate pricing and worldwide availability.

We also have a comfortable waiting area with Stone Creek coffee, espresso drinks, wireless internet, cable tv, and a desk area for those who don’t have enough hours in the day to finish all their work and get an oil change. If you are ever in the Milwaukee area feel free to stop by, grab a coffee, and get a tour of our one of a kind facility. We hope to have an online photo tour soon, and when that is completed a link will be displayed here.

Interesting Fact: In a worldwide survey conducted in 1995 by the International Olympic Committee, the Mercedes-Benz ‘three-pointed star’ logo (though less then a hundred years old) is better recognized around the world than a Christian cross.  This fact is from an interesting book: Enduring Passion – The story of the Mercedes-Benz Brand; a Black Forest recommended read!

November 2008 advertising spread

September 2008
coach trimming — performed in-house

Mercedes-Benz has put a lot of time and effort into creating the interiors of each and every vehicle produced. Safety has always been a big factor in design for Mercedes, from the earlier days when the first padded steering wheel and safety locking seatbelts were produced to the technically advanced seats of today that have passenger occupancy sensors and motors that adjusted them in almost any way imaginable. Our September 2008 "Coach trimming performed in-house exclusively for Mercedes-Benz" ad was intended to highlight the level of attention spent to every interior repair/restoration that we perform. We do everything from carpet and door panel board replacement, seat frame repairs to full dash recovering. By performing all of these services in-house we save the customer time and money along with the ability to fully control the quality and outcome of our final product.  Visit our Classic Workshop photo gallery to see some leather dying and carpet set replacement on a W121 or look through our W198 complete interior restoration that is in progress now!

Interesting Fact: Mercedes seats were crafted in M-B's own upholstery shop.
Painstaking seat construction included hand-tied coil springs and rubberized natural fiber padding.

July 2008
Do You Swing?

Our “Do you swing” ad published in July of 2008 referred to the independent rear suspension installed in several Mercedes-Benz vehicles up to 1972.  Mercedes created a swing axle with a single-pivot point located under the differential (and thus well below the axle center line) to address the inherent handling issue produced by the first swing axles. The new style was praised for its contemporary design style and dramatically improved handling.

At Black Forest we perform complete in house swing axle rebuilds. Our rebuilds are not only competitively priced but the finished product is attractive on the outside and also operates mechanically as it should on the inside. 

Click here to view our step-by-step gallery of a 190SL swing axle rebuild:

Interesting Fact: The 300SEL AMG-modified 6.3’s were actually raced with their stock swing axles.

May 2008
Do it yourself — in style with HAZET

Established in 1868, HAZET has been designing and manufacturing special tools for Mercedes-Benz vehicles for decades. From pullers, to wrenches and sockets, HAZET helps to make difficult repairs safer and more efficient.

Our “Do it yourself in style with HAZET” ad published in May 2008 shows a HAZET Assistent cart filled with commonly used tools. Black Forest keeps several individual tools and tool kits in stock. We are an authorized HAZET dealer, and have the largest tool cart inventory and tool displays available in the United States. Stop by and visit our showroom.

Interesting Fact: HAZET is a five generation family business. The brand was named using the initials of its founder, Hermann Zerver.

March 2008
One Man — in a world of assembly lines...

Engines come to Black Forest to be rebuilt under all different circumstances; whether it is a 1971 280SL that time and storage have taken a toll on or a 2001 E55 AMG that has been “overworked”, we can handle it all.  Our March 2008 “One man in a world of assembly lines” advertisement focused on the fact that at Black Forest the same technician rebuilds the engine from the block to the cylinder head, start to finish. This allows for (as pointed out in our ad) accuracy in every detail. It also provides a great sense of accomplishment for our technicians to see an engine go from a poor and worn condition to a beautiful running engine....all of which really does become a labor of love. 

A completely rebuilt engine leaves Black Forest in pristine running and visually stunning condition. All engines parts are plated, painted, and otherwise rebuilt with Mercedes-Benz originality as a benchmark.

Click here to see a few photo galleries of engine rebuilds that have been performed in the Black Forest specially designed engine clean room:

Interesting Fact: In 1885 Gottlieb Daimler created the world’s first motorcycle. It was named “petroleum reitwagen” which indicates Daimler’s view of it as a motorized horse, not a bicycle. In 1886 Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler simultaneously and without knowledge of each other both created the first automobiles.

January 2008
pontons complete — They don't float...

“They don’t float but your car will feel like it does” ponton ad that was published January of 2008 with the picture of a completely restored W121 subframe as the image. This style subframe is just one of many that Black Forest rebuilds. We completely disassemble, evaluate and reassemble (using new parts as needed) to make your subframe perform and look like it did the day your Mercedes-Benz was first driven.

The plating, painting, and every other minute detail required to properly rebuild and visually restore a front subframe is all performed by technicians at Black Forest.  Whether your car is here for a complete mechanical restoration or you just want to ship us the front subframe to restore and return back to you for installation, Black Forest has a solution for you.

We are working on our front subframe photo gallery but until that one is available feel free to browse through some of our other galleries like these:

Interesting Fact: There are 3 different theories on how the “Ponton” nickname came about. One theory is that it started when a journalist likened the subframe of the 1953 Mercedes-Benz (of which the subframe holds the engine, transmission, suspension, and steering all in one) to a pontoon bridge.

November 2007
becker — retro meets modern

We began our current advertising campaign in late 2007 in the Mercedes-Benz Club of America's STAR magazine.

The ad hinted that we offered conversion of classic Becker radios to support external personal audio devices, like Apple's popular iPod® MP3 player, or an XM satellite radio connection.

Nothing looks worse than the lime green LED display of an aftermarket Audiovox stereo that's hacked into the dashboard of an otherwise fine Benz.

The seemless integration in original Becker electronics is the best solution for keeping a classic Mercedes truely classic.

Direct, line-input connection offers the highest quality audio at a fidelity that cassette adapters and FM modulators can't touch.

We specialize in conversion of virtually all Becker head units. For more information visit the Becker Audio section of our web site and then contact us if you have further questions.

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