Classic Workshop

Classic Restoration

Whether limited in scope or involving your entire car, we offer a broad range of restoration services. We're proud of the fact that most of our restoration tasks are done by us in house. This ensures the highest quality as well as a uniform appearance of the end result.

There are two basic phases involved in any restoration project: Function and Appearance. We believe that appearance should follow function. Therefore, the drivability and usefulness of the vehicle is attended to before anything else. Function encompasses all the mechanical systems: engine, transmission, driveline, suspension, brakes, electrical, and so on. Appearance involves the soft items: paint and finish, chrome, interior, leather, convertible soft top, etc.

Once you have selected a Mercedes for restoration, we can help to prioritize the restoration process for you. It often works well for our clients to address specific issues in phases over the winter months. This helps to minimize the time that your Mercedes is off the road. In addition, it spreads out restoration costs over several years in some cases.

Both phases of the restoration process should be carefully planned and researched in order to efficiently return a classic Mercedes to the condition you desire.

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