You can't always tell a Dodge by its cover...

That's right - your Sprinter is actually a Mercedes in disguise.

What your Dodge dealer has probably never mentioned is that the differences between the Mercedes Sprinter and the Dodge Sprinter are only cosmetic. It's not a guarded secret that both are made on the same production line in Germany. What is kept somewhat quiet, however, is the fact that other than branding, the Dodge Sprinter is the same vehicle.

Sprinter Mercedes conversionSprter Mercedes grill upgrade

"...the Dodge Sprinter:
Mercedes body,
Mercedes engine,
Mercedes wheels,
Mercedes interior,
Mercedes everything,
except Dodge branded"

At Black Forest, we make it easy for you to maintain your Sprinter. Our expert knowledge and extensive experience with Mercedes-Benz ensure that your Sprinter will be serviced and repaired in a manner exceeding factory standards. And we work around your busy schedule, offering convenient while-you-wait services as well as evening hours. Click here for a sampling of our Sprinter services.

Black Forest can restore your Sprinter's heritage

The differences are slight but far from subtle, and your Sprinter Mercedes upgrade will be accomplished at Black Forest with the same care and craftsmanship we apply to all of our Mercedes. Best of all, we can upgrade your Dodge Sprinter to a Mercedes Sprinter in under a day and for less than $500.

If you are interested in unlocking the Benz that's hiding in your Dodge Sprinter, then give us a call!

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